Material Bank

Laminate is durable and elegant solution for interior decoration. 

Laminates can be used in walls, kitchens, work tops and as an effect in decorations etc. With laminate you can easily change and renovate the decoration.



Greenlam Anti-Bacterial

Greenlam Anti-bacterial laminates keeps your interiors good, hygienic and germ-free. Anti-bacterial property of these laminates play a vital role in protecting your personal space from all harmful microbes and bacterial agents. Greenlam Anti-bacterial laminates retard the growth of nearly 99% of common form of bacteria on any decorative surface. Because of Anti-bacterial property these laminates are suitable for hospitals and kindergartens in addition to traditional applications.

Greenlan Anti-bacterial laminate is available in HPL and compact laminate.

Greenlam Post Forming

Greenlam Post Forming laminates takes any shape you desire while retaining all the properties of standard grade laminates. These are intended for use on vertical and horizontal surfaces where it is necessary or desirable to wrap the laminates in a simple radius around the edges in a curved form. Post Forming laminates can be bend without losing the grain or pattern. Post Forming range is available in 0,8mm thickness and offers more than 100 designs.

Greenlam Compact

Greenlam Compact laminate is a solid, extremely durable decorative building panel. Compact laminate is available in various thicknesses, which has been developed for use as a self-supporting panel in applications requering a product that is impervious to moisture, totally hygienic and virtually indestructible. Standard applications of compact laminates include wall linings, laboratory cabinetry and shower & toilet partitions.

Greenlam HD Gloss

HD Gloss laminate is crafted with technologies that make it stunning and at the same time highly durable. HD Gloss laminate has very good resistance against the scuff, scratch and abrasion. HD Gloss laminate is suitable for non-humid conditions in interior decoration and public buildings.

HD Gloss Unicore has one solid color not only on surface but in the core of the laminate as well which discards dark edges.

HD Gloss is available on designs of Europe-Colletions, size 1220x2440mm.

Greenlam CLADS - exterior laminate

Greenlam CLADS are exterior grade compact laminate panels which have been designed especially for outdoor applications. Greenlam CLADS laminates have an excellent resistance against weather and UV-light and it has long maintenance intervals. Greenlam CLADS can be used for example on claddings and you can create unique designs and mix with other materials.